A Traditional Garden

This garden uses rich planting to create different moods.  Located on the edge of the Cotswolds, on an exposed site, the use of slatted screens gives some shelter from the drying winds. A separate gravel garden with sun-loving plants looks over the main part of the garden where a tumble of traditional garden plants surround the rhythmic use of iron plant supports bearing clematis and climbing roses.  Planting has to satisfy the demands of both brightly sunny and heavily shaded areas within the same space. A hidden herb garden is a quiet retreat for the client, who loves the spiritual refreshment to be had from working in the garden and really getting to know the plants.  This garden has a traditional feel – filled with familiar plants laid within a clean outline of riven stone paving and gravel. What the photographs don’t show are the wonderful scents that fill the garden on a warm summer morning. Co-authored with Sarah Naybour.